datacenter solutions

Feel secure by locating your IT and telecom equipment in TelePacific owned and operated datacenters.

With TelePacific’s Datacenter solutions, you do not need manage the security and availability of your company’s data. Colocation keeps your company's data safe and available by taking advantage of the reliability, security and power redundancy that has been engineered into TelePacific’s fault tolerant, high availability SSAE 16 Datacenters infrastructure.

Maximized Uptime

Keep your business critical applications accessible. TelePacific has physically redundant fiber optic network paths from multiple network carriers terminating at our datacenter, which guarantees a minimum of 99.99% network availability.

Remote Hands

If your primary technical resources are an hour away or more remotely located, it helps to know our 'warm hands' live support includes power cycle/ re-boot and reading monitor displays connected to your equipment.

Secure Facility

All critical infrastructure — power access, cooling, and data paths — have N+1 redundancy.


Eliminates the need for you to build and maintain you own infrastructure.

Lower Cost Voice and Data

Access to TelePacific's voice and data network services at reduced rates by not requiring local loops.

Better Bandwidth

Access to high capacity public Internet or Private IP MPLS bandwidth directly into TelePacific's IP network.

Datacenter Solutions

get industry-leading performance, reliability and security

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