get peace of mind with business continuity

Protect your business from what ifs with the highest degree of fault tolerance. Maintain critical communications with customers, staff and business partners with full confidence and the support of a highly available data continuity solution designed to eliminate single points of failure in all aspects of system design.

Keep your business humming even when the unexpected happens with these data continuity solutions:

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Business Continuity Services

  • Wireless T1-class business Internet service

    Wireless T1-class business Internet service: Get a high degree of availability and redundancy with one of our wireless business continuity solutions. Choose full redundancy and combine our wireless Internet service with a standard T1 or DSL line or use our service to backup an existing T1 line.

  • RemoteStor Data Backup & Recovery

    RemoteStor Data Backup: RemoteStor is a complete data backup and recovery service that automatically and securely backs up your critical information over your existing Internet or VPN connections to secure storage infrastructure located in TelePacific’s Las Vegas colocation facility. Restoral is not limited to the original location. This allows you to restore your application(s) anywhere you need.

  • PrivateIP VPN with Internet at 2+ Locations

    PrivateIP VPN with Internet at 2+ Locations: Customers with multiple locations are consolidating their network through Private IP arrangements that provide Internet access to all locations through a single point of access. Add Internet access at two or more locations to ensure your employees stay connected. If your primary Internet T1 becomes unavailable, all traffic is automatically diverted to the secondary T1.

  • Bonded T1s

    Bonded T1s: If one of the T1s should fail, the data is automatically routed over the remaining T1s.

  • Email Backup for Customer-Hosted Email

    Email Backup for Customer-Hosted Email: Email Backup is designed to prevent outages from causing your in-bound email to drop or be returned to the sender. TelePacific’s backup mail server will receive and temporarily store your in-bound email in the event that a server, line, or power failure causes your email server to be unavailable. When your primary mail server becomes available, your emails are automatically forwarded to your server for distribution and access.

  • IP/MPLS Access Redundancy

    IP/MPLS Access Redundancy: Our services provide your business with the redundancy necessary to ensure full time access to mission critical applications, resources, and customers by automatically routing your business data traffic to another connection if your primary line fails. This dynamic redundancy solution is offered in 3G, DSL and cable options.

ISDN PRI & Supertrunks

  • Trunk Group to Trunk Group Overflow

    Trunk Group to Trunk Group Overflow: If one trunk group fails, or all trunks are used, calls will overflow to a second trunk group within the same TelePacific serving switch. Overflow is automatic and programmed at the switch.

  • Trunk Group to Call Forwarding

    Trunk Group Call Forwarding: When the original Trunk Group is busy (all channels are occupied) or out of service, this feature automatically forwards your calls to a predetermined number. Calls may be routed to a different TelePacific number or non-TelePacific number. There is no need to call into technical support, no wait time and forwarding is automatic.

  • Network Redundancy Package

    Network Redundancy Package: Help ensure your inbound calls reach your office. In the event that your Trunk Group is busy or out of service, your calls automatically forward to back-up/network diverse lines, located at your office.


  • Remote Access to Call Forwarding

    Remote Access to Call Forwarding: You may call forward your main line anywhere at anytime. In a crisis you can forward your important numbers (main to another office, a mobile phone, a residence, you pick. Even if the lines are down at your business, you just make one call into the TelePacific switch from any working number and your inbound calls will have a way of reaching you. There is no need to call into technical support and no wait time. Just make the call, follow the instructions, and the rest is automatic. Add POTS back-up lines at your location and route your calls right back to your office.

  • Voicemail

    Voicemail: When your power has failed, your lines are busy or a caller just can’t get through, TelePacific’s Voicemail is available to answer your calls. You may access your mailbox from anywhere, and since Voicemail is housed at our switch, you can be sure to get your messages anywhere and anytime, even when your network is unavailable.

Services may vary by geography, please contact sales for more information.

maintain your critical business communications with the highest degree of fault tolerance

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