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Fax Central is a fax to email service that provides you with a private fax number that enables you to receive and view fax documents as electronic attachments in your email inbox. You can access faxes wherever you can access your email, and can forward them as email attachments. On the road and can’t access email? No need to worry. Fax to email alerts you of any incoming faxes with a voice message. From your voicemail, you can forward the fax to any fax number of your choice. Never miss an important fax again.

Fax Central - Fax to Email Advantages

Privacy: Confidential faxes don’t sit on fax machines or in trays where they can be seen by unintended eyes.

Convenience: Faxes are delivered to your desktop. Or a fax machine you choose.

Productivity: There’s no waiting at the fax machine, and you can forward faxes to multiple recipients at one time.

Availability: Senders won’t get frustrated by busy signals. And you won’t be waiting on important faxes to arrive.

Archiving: Storing faxes is simpler with digital fax documents. And searching for old ones is much quicker and easier.

Security: Fax important documents to yourself and forward them as needed. Keep signature documents safe from unauthorized editing.

Services may vary by geography, please contact sales for more information.

never miss an important fax again. anywhere you go, fax central goes with you

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