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eSecurity is constantly evolving. The best way to achieve optimal protection is to layer your network with network security solutions to thwart malicious attacks before they cause any harm. Here are the six basic layers of network security solutions that OneSecure provides:

Firewall: The basic function of a firewall is to either lock or unlock ports to allow or prevent traffic into your network.

IPS: Once you have determined which ports you need open and closed on the firewall, you need to monitor the open ports to ensure that malicious traffic is not allowed in the network. Our IPS system uses deep packet inspection to analyze network traffic and block packets known to match thousands of malicious code signatures. If the IPS system detects malicious activity, those packets are blocked from entering your network.

Gateway Antivirus: Hackers have become more serious in recent years by attaching malicious code to high traffic web sites. Once an unsuspecting visitor clicks on this web site, a virus, worm or other malicious code can be downloaded to the unsuspecting machine. Gateway AV thwarts these attacks by checking all HTTP, HTTPs, SMTP and FTP traffic for malicious code embedded within the traffic and blocks access to infected sites.

Web Content Filtering: This service helps you implement company policies associated with preventing unauthorized web browsing.

SPAM Filtering: This service passes all incoming email through a multi-layered SPAM filtering system that blocks or identifies/categorizes inbound SPAM. This processing takes place outside of your network, reducing network traffic and email server processing.

Virtual Private Network: VPN allows individual employees, remote office locations, and/or suppliers to securely connect to your local area network.

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