MPLS, streamlining your interoffice communications

Secure, private and efficient network communications is a top concern for today's companies and their WAN (wide area network). To address these concerns, we offer 1Net, an Internet Protocol-based Virtual Private Network (IP VPN) service that allows you to establish private and secure communications between your offices.

Connect offices locally, nationally, and internationally

No special hardware or encryption is needed. By utilizing our Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), we can build unique user groups to establish your private network—data cannot be captured or viewed by anyone outside of your predetermined user group. Plus, with 1Net Extended Reach, you can connect all your locations nationally and internationally.

With our MPLS 1Net, there are:

  • No firewalls which eliminates administrative overhead
  • No encryption which gives you faster performance
  • No tunnels which means there is no configuration required to add additional sites
  • No additional hardware to save capital costs

Less cost. More efficiency. Top security.

1Net provides the same level of security and privacy as private line, ATM, and frame relay services at less cost and more efficiency. You can also preserve existing IP address schemes, which means less work on implementation. The "any-to-any" communications for all locations allows your traffic to follow more efficient paths than traditional hub and spoke networks. Finally, 1Net gives you a security level sufficient to address HIPAA or similar government regulations for your wide area network (WAN).

Services may vary by geography, please contact sales for more information.


By eliminating firewalls, encryption and tunnels, you improve performance while cutting cost and unnecessary workload

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