reap benefits of a dedicated internet provider

There is a lot more to Internet access than the price tag and the size of the pipe. Dedicated Internet transport provides numerous benefits over cable and DSL technologies. Moreover, the network that your ISP utilizes to route your traffic plays a big role in the performance of your applications and speed in which you do business. When price is your sole criteria for buying Internet access, your business may be subject to productivity loss as well as a host of security issues.

Private Peering Internet Interconnects

TelePacific has Private Peering agreements with the major traffic haulers such as Verizon, Level 3, Global Crossing and Sprint. This creates single hop connectivity and guarantees a direct path to the destination and back. So we’re able to route your traffic more quickly resulting in less latency and potential performance and applications improvements.

Superior Redundancy

Our network facilities are interconnected, which enables traffic to be automatically routed via BGP over the meshed network to another point of presence (POP) when needed. Smaller carriers may put your business connectivity at risk by creating single points of failures. If their luck runs out, so will yours.

Managed Routers and Security

A managed router comes standard with our Dedicated Internet Access. If the router breaks, it is replaced by a skilled TelePacific technician. Other carriers drop ship a box and require you to replace the defective equipment, which may result in additional vendor charges.

In addition, our OneSecure managed security service integrates multiple layers of security— Firewall, Intrusion Prevention System, Antivirus, SPAM Filtering, Web Content Filtering, VPN and Desktop Antivirus— all managed, constantly updated and maintained 24/7/365.

Services may vary by geography, please contact sales for more information.

fewer hops, less packet delay and a way to measure Internet performance make TelePacific a better choice

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