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With more applications being pushed out to the cloud, more private networking between customer locations and video conferencing and streaming media a day-to-day reality for businesses, the need for bandwidth is growing. Yesterday’s technology doesn’t always deliver like it used to. In more and more situations, 10 Mbps is becoming the new T1 access and multiples of that are needed to support business organizations with a high reliance on data, voice and video intensive applications.

The latest market research indicates that 70 percent of U.S. commercial buildings do not have access to a direct fiber connection. Sometimes a short – and costly – construction run can bring a building “on net” to deliver fiber services, but the vast majority of businesses remain without a fiber option for the foreseeable future.

TelePacific fills the void with four different high-speed broadband products: Ethernet over Copper (EoC), fixed wireless (EoFW), time-division multiplexing (EoTDM) and fiber(EoF) if it’s available and makes economic sense for the customer. In addition, TelePacific’s Enhanced Ethernet over Copper (EEoC) solution combines multiple bonded copper pairs in the same access facility to provide a single high bandwidth circuit capable of supporting the most demanding voice and data services, including Ethernet over Private Line (EPL), SIP Voice, Internet access, MPLS and VPLS VPN.

More Cost Efficient, Ultra High Bandwidth

With TelePacific as your Ethernet broadband carrier you get more bandwidth for your dollar. Equipment costs are also lower because you don’t need to buy expensive telecommunications hardware. And you can use familiar and easy to use LAN protocols to lower training time and management expense. Moreover, bandwidth scales easily so we can respond quickly to your changing needs. We can provide MPLS VPN and SIP-based SmartVoice as well as 44 speeds of dedicated Internet access over Ethernet broadband — all with round-the-clock network monitoring.

Ethernet Type Over Copper Over Fixed Wireless Over TDM Over Fiber
Delivery Facility Copper loop Over the Air Wireless Spectrum DS1/DS3 Fiber
Speed Range 1.0 – 200 Mbps 1.0 – 100 Mbps 1.0 – 135Mbps Up to 10 Gbps
Restrictions Within 3,000 to 17,000 ft.
of an Ethernet equipped local serving office
Within 5 to 6 miles of a fixed wireless base station None Your building must be served by fiber

* Not all connection types or speeds are available at all locations. Ask your TelePacific sales representative to qualify your locations for Ethernet access solutions.

Services may vary by geography, please contact sales for more information.

packet-based transmission of TDM or IP voice that's compatible with any PBX and can deliver higher bandwidth data

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