metro private line

Do you have multiple locations networked together? Is it necessary for your wide area network to be autonomous from the Internet? Do you need to connect multiple buildings within a campus environment? Is the security of your company’s proprietary data mandated by industry regulations that require private line services?

Metro Private Line (MPL) provides network users with dedicated, digital transmission paths for linking locations that frequently exchange data and transfer voice calls. It does not provide connectivity to the Internet, but it does offer point-to-point service between two or more locations within the same metropolitan area and within California, Nevada and Texas. TelePacific also provides other private line services that can provide connectivity to locations outside of TelePacific’s service area.


Metro Private Line is a physical circuit that connects two locations together, which means that your information does not transverse Layer 2 or 3 infrastructure like Frame Relay, ATM or MPLS. This increases the security of the transmissions.


Utilize your Metro Private Line to access voice and data services from other locations should “like-access” become unavailable at a single location.

One Provider

With services throughout California, Nevada and Texas, TelePacific can service all your locations. One provider, one point of contact, one invoice.

Services may vary by geography, please contact sales for more information.

Metro Private Line is ideal for a few locations in close proximity that require voice tie lines to support older PBXs

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