wireless internet backup solutions to enhance your business data protection

Avoid network downtime and get maximum availability with our diversified Internet backup solutions. Combine the versatility of a wireless bandwidth connection with standard T1 access or DSL line or pair existing DS3 or fiber access with a wireless high bandwidth solution for enhanced protection against full network disturbance due to shared wiring and conduits. Invest in high availability and redundancy business continuity solutions, such as our internet backup solutions, to maintain productivity and increase profits.

Full Redundancy

Combine the strengths of our wireless and wireline internet backup solutions to provide increased levels of reliability for your business. Get full protection and redundancy with wireless broadband connections.

Backup an Existing T1 or DS3

Add high bandwidth internet to an existing T1 line or to your DS3 line or fiber access for enhanced business continuity and disaster recovery, immune to any scheduled or emergency outages on your existing wireline. Plus take advantage of additional features like automatic failover, bandwidth aggregation and load balancing.

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enhanced protection against disruptions due to man-made or natural disasters

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