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TelePacific offers a full spectrum of traditional and next-generation voice services. Mouse over text below to display descriptive phone service information.

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Business Lines

Business Lines: "Plain Old Telephone Service" or POTS lines supply a single, voice-grade channel for phones, key systems, modems and other devices that need access to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Basic business lines provide small, growing and large businesses with low-cost, flexible telephone service. Standard features include one free directory listing and line hunting.

Basic service with fax, modem and other features
Voice Only PRI

ISDN PRI: Primary Rate Interface provides digital transmission of our voice services that allows caller ID (name and number) across an ISDN phone. This allows the called party to either accept or reject the call. TelePacific provides better PBX utilization, superior bandwidth and faster connectivity. Combine the Voice Only PRI calling plan with other TelePacific voice services and take advantage of greater volume discounts.

High volume calling and screen pop-up applications

SuperTrunks: SuperTrunks bring the power and performance of high-speed digital networking to today‘s business. The high capacity, end-to-end digital voice connectivity allows for 24 simultaneous calls. By combining calling plans, customers can take advantage of volume discounts. SuperTrunk options include DID Only (Direct Inward Dialing) and two-way (Inbound-Outbound) SuperTrunks.

Additional features to complement an already feature-rich PBX or hybrid system
Usage Plans

Usage Plans: TelePacific offers competitive plans at very attractive rates from all-you-can-eat prepaid packages to per-minute rates at significant discounts for high volume businesses.

Competitive plans at attractive rates
Prepaid Minutes

Prepaid Minutes: TelePacific T-Pack Minute Bundles offer customers subscribing to TelePacific’s local and long distance service a great per-minute rate while providing a level of predictability to your monthly bills. Get rates as low as 2.4¢ per minute.

Predictive billing to cover monthly usage
Toll Free Services

Toll Free Services: Give customers, prospects and suppliers a toll-free option to reach your business. Additional coverage and advanced features can enhance your toll-free services through TelePacific.

Toll free access for prospects, suppliers and customers
International Calling Plans

International Calling Plans: With TelePacific’s WorldPac, get international calling at highly competitive rates. Plans are arranged by calling region to suit the needs of your global business.

Cost savings for reaching international markets

Services may vary by geography, please contact sales for more information.

our voice services make sure that incoming and outgoing calls flow smoothly and efficiently no matter who’s handling the front desk

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