maximize your VoIP potential with SIP service and a SIP network

Our multiple award winning SmartVoice SIP services combine unlimited local calling, long distance, Internet access – even a private IP network – and up to 22 voice and data features at a flat monthly rate, eliminating the need for multiple lines, vendors and invoices.

Optimized for Your Unique Business Needs

SmartVoice packages offer up to 120 call paths and 100 Mbps of bandwidth available via PRI and CAS trunk, analog business phone lines or a SIP network connection. Voice calls are given priority so when an employee makes or receives a call, SmartVoice immediately allocates the necessary bandwidth to the voice traffic, but only as long as the call is in process. When employees are not making or receiving phone calls, your data bandwidth adjusts to capitalize on the available capacity.

Use Traditional Telephony Equipment or IP PBXs

SmartVoice uses an advanced telephony platform to deliver SIP-based voice from your premises to the public switched telephone network (PSTN). The SIP service terminating at your premises can be converted to a traditional business line service interface – analog business lines, PRI, CAS – or as SIP directly to your LAN, and either option is viable with traditional telephony equipment or an IP PBX.

Eliminate POTs Lines for Faxing

Traditional VoIP networks have struggled to support fax services; TelePacific, however, has engineered its SIP network to cleanly support faxing on the same IAD and network access facilities.

Awarded 2011 Product of the Year by INTERNET TELEPHONY® Magazine

Award Seal for 2011 Product of the Year by Internet Telephony® Magazine

TMC, a global, integrated media company, has named TelePacific’s SmartVoice product as a recipient of the 2011 INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year Award. Read More >

Services may vary by geography, please contact sales for more information.

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Our SIP network allows for more throughput from our SIP services for simultaneous data traffic.

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