integrated service with SmartVoice ISDN PRI & CAS

The SmartVoice advanced SIP network and SIP service supports ISDN primary rate interface (PRI) and channel associated signaling (CAS) network connections. The TelePacific managed gateway at your premises can support anywhere from four to 72 CAS channels and up to 92 PRI channels, allowing you to evenly distribute incoming calls across your PBX while dynamically allocating bandwidth to data traffic when your employees are not using their phones.


SmartVoice CAS provides integrated channelized digital voice and data service whereas SmartVoice ISDN PRI offers integrated ISDN PRI voice and data. Both support T-1 lines but use different signaling methods. Some legacy PBXs support only CAS or can be challenging to configure for ISDN PRI.

No Charge Basic Features

  • One directory assistance listing
  • Three Fax Central boxes
  • 100 DID numbers
  • Calling line ID inbound/outbound

Free Data Features

  • 100 email addresses
  • One domain name
  • Domain registration
  • Domain hosting
  • Eight IP addresses
  • Web hosting

Services may vary by geography, please contact sales for more information.

isdn pri

Total available bandwidth and call paths vary by transport - T1, Bonded T1, or Ethernet - and location

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