business phone lines

SmartVoice Business Lines provide an analog network connection that works with key systems or standalone analog handsets and support between four and 24 voice lines with up to 100Mbps of dedicated Internet access. SmartVoice Business Lines also include many free features and options to meet the needs of both casual and power phone users.


  • Inbound calling ID
  • Outbound calling ID
  • Call forward not reachable
  • Three Fax Central boxes
  • Line hunting
  • One directory assistance listing

Free Feature Pack #1

  • Three-way calling
  • Call forward variable
  • Call hold
  • Call transfer
  • *Speed Call 8
  • *Remote access to call forward
  • *Station-to-station dialing

Feature Pack #2

  • Call park
  • Call pickup group
  • Call waiting with caller ID
  • Cancel call waiting
  • Directed call pickup group
  • Speed Call 100

Free Data Features

  • 64 email addresses
  • One domain name
  • Domain registration
  • DNS hosting
  • Eight IP addresses
  • Web hosting

*These features must be specifically requested.
Services may vary by geography, please contact sales for more information.

business phone line business lines

Total available bandwidth and call paths vary by transport - T1, Bonded T1, or Ethernet - and location

SmartVoice Business Lines provides maximum flexibility on your voice and data requirements.

Awards Received by TelePacific