IP telephony and a SIP network: the future of communications

Delivering on the Promise of SIP

SmartVoice Network Connection provides a SIP hand-off to your LAN and IP PBX. As a result, the SIP voice traffic does not need to be converted to a traditional protocol like ISDN PRI or CAS, eradicating the need to purchase T-1 cards and infrastructure equipment such as terminating gateways and channel banks.

SmartVoice Network Connection will support anywhere from 4 to 120 call paths depending transport – T1, bonded T1 or Ethernet – and business location. It also supports PC-based softphones and IP phones connected to the Internet, allowing workers at remote locations to have full access to all features, regardless of location.

A Powerful but Evolving Protocol

SIP requires cooperative interoperability testing and support between service providers and equipment manufacturers. Not all SIP-enabled equipment works seamlessly together. However, we thoroughly test interoperability with each IP PBX system we certify and provide clear documentation to customers and their equipment vendors on how to provision a system to support SIP trunks on the TelePacific network. In addition, to support firewall protection, we’ve standardized on the Cisco ISR series, leveraging Cisco’s Unified Border Element (CUBE) to enable customers to keep or deploy any firewall they choose to protect their LAN.

Here is a list of certified systems.

IP Telephony and SIP Experts

Our Operational SmartVoice Team is well trained and very experienced with IP telephony and SIP technology. From initial service qualification through turn-up, we communicate, educate and assist customers and vendors with the technical nuances of SIP interoperability.

No Charge Basic Features

  • One directory assistance listing
  • Three Fax Central boxes
  • 100 DID numbers
  • Calling line ID inbound/outbound

Free Data Features

  • 100 email addresses
  • One domain name
  • Domain registration
  • Domain hosting
  • Eight IP addresses
  • Web hosting

Services may vary by geography, please contact sales for more information.

SIP network connection

Total available bandwidth and call paths vary by transport - T1, Bonded T1, or Ethernet - and location

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