SmartVoice NTNs

Multi-state TelePacific customers with anchor locations in California and Nevada can now leverage the power of the SmartVoice network nationwide. Our SmartVoice Business Lines, SIP, PRI and CAS services have your telecom access covered from coast-to-coast. The expanded reach is made possible through 2-way Nationwide Telephone Numbers (NTNs) and is available to customers on the SmartVoice network anywhere in the US.

Two-way local calling from coast-to-coast

Our newest release of Physical 2-way NTN allows customers to support their remote offices across the contiguous United States with local numbers that include 911 service. Customers with multiple offices interconnected through an MPLS VPN also can deploy Physical 2-way NTN service to all of their locations over the MPLS network. In fact, National SmartVoice supports single, double and triple play (SmartVoice, Internet and 1Net MPLS) options in the lower 48 states.

Powerful features consolidated with one provider

This means that customers with satellite offices and employees outside of the TelePacific footprint have the ability to consolidate all of their telecommunications services with TelePacific and be billed for them on a single invoice. Get the power, convenience and value of consolidated nationwide service.

National telephone number availability

You can the value of NTNs with any SmartVoice service you choose. Both 2-way Virtual and Physical NTNs can be ordered with SmartVoice Business Lines, SIP and PRI, but not CAS. Inbound-only NTN services are compatible with every SmartVoice service.

Services may vary by geography, please contact sales for more information.

smartvoice ntn

2-way local calling capabilities support virtual or physical office locations depending on your business need.

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