switching providers

If you’re thinking about switching providers…whether you’re switching to TelePacific, from TelePacific or between other providers, there are a few things you should know ahead of time that will make your experience a lot more pleasant.

Be sure to include your current provider early in the process. Review your telecommunication contracts first; there are probably policies in it detailing what level of advanced warning you need to give your provider when making a switch. You’ll also find information as to whether you have to let them know in writing and what the process is for releasing your numbers. Be sure to follow the contract policies closely to avoid any unwanted delays or fees.

Are you switching providers before your current contract is over? Look at your contract again to see what the early cancellation policy is. Are there fees that you’ll be responsible for? Be sure to weigh those against any savings or benefits you’re receiving from your new provider.

Also keep in mind that actually switching over the numbers from your current provider to your new provider may take more time than you think. Make sure to work with your current provider to figure out a realistic timeline and take that into account in your planning.

Here is a list of questions to address before making the switch:

  • Do I need to give my current provider advance written notice? If so, how early?
  • Will I have early cancellation fees if I switch now?
  • What are my provider’s policies and processes to release and switch over numbers?
  • How long will it take to switch over my numbers to my new provider?
  • Will my current provider hold off on transferring my numbers if I’m not current with my payments or I am disputing a charge?
  • Is there any equipment that I need to give back to the current provider after the switch?
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