how to identify the right
telecommunications provider

Reviewing telecommunications providers to find the right fit for your small or medium size business can be daunting at times. Below is a list of questions to consider when researching providers. It’s not a comprehensive list, but it can help you in your decision-making process.

Telecommunications Provider Questions:

  • Does the provider’s coverage area include the physical location of your office(s)?
  • Can they provide one invoice for all your offices/locations within the coverage area?
  • Do they offer both landline and mobile phone solutions?
  • Do they offer online account management tools?
  • What’s the level of customer support offered by the provider?
  • Can they provide 3rd party customer satisfaction rates?
  • Will they provide references so you can speak with companies similar to yours?
  • Are service and technical support available outside of regular business hours?
  • Does the provider have local offices that offer technical support?
  • What’s the escalation process if an issue needs further resolution?
  • How much downtime has the provider experienced over the last year?
  • What type and length of warranty is provided on the equipment?

When reviewing telecommunications providers, consider the answers to the above questions. Try to strike a balance between customer service, customer support, reliability, cost and the availability of the telecommunications services you need.

Whether your business has a single location in California, Nevada or Texas, or multiple locations in a wide area network expanding the globe, TelePacific can meet your needs.

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